Control & Relay Panel

We would like to introduce ourselves as team of professionals engages in the manufacturing of Simplex-Duplex Control & Relay Panel for Line, Bus Coupler and Transformer Protection upto 220 KV systems. Electricfield company came into existence in the year 1968 by a young Engineer after having served in the capacity of installation,testing and commissioning Engineer of high voltage equipment in the Foreign Multinational company and had rich experience of in high voltage protection schemes apart from high voltage, outdoor / indoor switchgear equipment in various states in the Country.

The company started with well-versed electrical equipment incudng servicing of highly technical oriented jobs. Control & relay Panel Simplex as well as Duplex were manufactured with potimum utilization of space on the front and rear sections, increased depth in duplex panels is provided by joining two simplex cubical back to back using double frames at the ends with covered corridor in between.


1. Rating
Suitable for 33KV, 66KV, 132KV and 220 KV system.

2. Type
Protections for Feeder Panels and Bus Coupler Panels as well as transformer Panels are provided with simple Over Current and Earth Fault Relay of Electromechanical type to Static / Numerical relays depending upon system voltage and type scheme.

3. Metering
Voltmeter, Ammeter, PF Meter, MW Meter, MVAR Meter and Trivector / KWH Meter of Analogue / Electronic type are provided with Industrial or special accuracy class.

4. Panel Wiring
Flexible bare copper conductor grey PVC covered wiring 1100 / 600V grade conforming to IS: 694 are provided with cross section area 2.5 mmsq for current circuits and 1.5 mmsq for rest of the circuits. At both the ends of wires ferruling is done for ease of identification.

5. Enclosure
Sheet steel used for construction of panels are subject to rigid surface treatment with seven-tank arrangement carried through electric hoist prior to powder coating conforming to different shades. our factory is fully equipped with automatic powder coating plant where one panel of full length, width and breadth can be powder coated in one go. Construction permits extensions, rearrangements and replacement to panel equipment with utmost ease. Subject to site condition. Doors are provided with hand opening with convenient type of lock & key system.

6. Degree of Protection
Panels are provided with gasket fitted with door to make it adequately sealed to make them dust, vermin and moisture proof. We have got our Control Panel tested from CPRI, Bhopal, as per IS: 2147-1962 Degree of Protection for IP54 for specific job.

7. Test
Besides routine test, the panels are put to test through stimulating arrangement similar to equipment installed at outdoor. The entire panel consisting of wiring, relays, meters and other asso0ciated components is satisfactory ensured to avoid any problem at far flung sites.