Servo Stabilizers

The low voltage phenomena have become permanent resulting phenomena feature in the country. All the industrial machineries, Agricultural pumps and domestic appliances including lighting which are designed as per IS standard voltage to give the desired/satisfactory output do not perform well, in fact get damaged at very low voltagecausing great loss to the highly sophiticated machines installations in addition to loss of revenue due to stoppage of work.

The Voltage problem has become so grim in the certain states, which is located at the tail end of the country where the power generated is synchronized with northern grid having voltage below than the normal. This affects the whole state with cascade affect of low voltage. The range of Electricfield Stabilizers has increased manifolds in turn of variety, capacity, voltage range, application including manufacturing with in-house manufacturing of critical components with specifications.

General Specification

Input Supply System Output Capacity
90 - 270v / 170 - 270V Single phase 230v 230/240V 1-100KVA & above
150 - 470v / 300 - 470V 3 phase 4 wire 415v 400 - 415V 1-200KVA & above
4,000 - 7,000V 3 phase 6,6000 V 6,6000V 100KVA & above
7,000 - 12,000V 3 phase 11,000 V 11,000V 500KVA to 10,000KVA
24,000 - 36,000V 33,0000 V 33,000V 1000KVA to 10,000KVA
Other Specification
Regulation +1%
Type Aircooled in smaller size & rest in oil cooled
Supply of frequency 47-53Hz
Efficiency 95% to 98%
Wave for distortion nil
Effect of load PF nil
Anbient temp Upto 45 degree centigrade normally
Humidity Upto 90% centrigrade normally
Environment Designed for indoor, tropical use, but can be designed for outdoor use on request.
Enclosure Normally IP23, but can be provided with other degree of protection on the request as per IS.
Service support Our organization is well equipped with efficient team, our own transport, tools and tackles to render you be service on your call.